child support

Everything is income

In case the Child Support Guidelines have not yet made this fact clear enough, everything, everything, everything a party earns may be considered income for purposes of child support calculation.  In Hoegen v. Hoegen, 89 Mass. App. Ct. 6 (2016), the Appeals Court reversed a Probate Court decision that a father was not obligated to include income he got from vested, restricted stock units (RSU) in calculation of child support.

Drop off the key, Lee

Why it's hard to force a soon-to-be ex-spouse to leave the marital home -- and why that spouse should leave anyway.

The sooner your spouse vacates and the parties are separated, the sooner you can start to establish a track record of child support or alimony payments.  Proof of support payments must be shown before the spouse who is staying in the home can refinance the mortgage in his or her own name and the paying spouse can buy their own home.


Having independent counsel will help you be sure that your agreement is fair, complete, and enforceable.

As your advocate and family law expert, your lawyer can help you determine if agreement terms will benefit you and your family members, whether you should compromise or hold fast on certain elements, and if your agreement is fair and equitable. Through discussions with you, your attorney can also identify missing details, pitfalls, or unforeseen consequences that may not have occurred to you in mediation, and can make your agreement easier to understand and interpret down the road.