Nussbaum Family Law offers mediation to facilitate direct negotiation of your family law issues at a fraction of the cost of litigation. We provide guided negotiation using our skilled, impartial mediation services:

  • Mediation helps you achieve resolution that will meet your needs and goals, and preserve a respectful working relationship with the other party.  
  • We will assist communication, encourage understanding and help focus you on your individual and common interests.
  • Through mediation, we will work with you to explore options, make decisions and reach your own agreement in a neutral, confidential process.

If you choose to mediate your divorce or modification elsewhere, you still need the representation of counsel to ensure that your agreement is complete, accurate, and meets your needs and your children's best interests: 

  • Nussbaum Family Law can act as your consulting counsel, enabling you to enter mediation knowing what to expect and understanding the law.  
  • We will discuss your concerns and help you prioritize your goals and decisions, answer your questions, make suggestions, be your reality check, and offer feedback between mediation sessions.
  • We will also help you consider your options to make informed decisions. 
  • Nussbaum Family Law will review any draft agreement, explain the legal language, and see if any important terms are missing.
  • We will advise you whether your agreement is lawful, enforceable, fair, and whether it satisfies your priorities and concerns.

More information on Mediation: