Alimony and Spousal Support Attorney in Sharon, MA

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Massachusetts alimony reform has changed the way alimony functions in Massachusetts. Until 2011, alimony could be indefinite. Since then, the presumption is that alimony is time-limited with the longest term being until the paying spouse reaches social security retirement age, although the Probate and Family Court has discretion to protect economically dependent, elderly and infirm spouses by ordering post-retirement age payment of alimony. Massachusetts has different types of alimony with shorter or longer alimony terms, including the following:

General term alimony provides for payments to an economically dependent spouse for a period of time that corresponds to the length of the marriage; 

Rehabilitative alimony provides for payment to spouses to complete education or find employment;

Reimbursement alimony, payments for a spouse to be compensated by monetary or non-monetary contributions that allowed the other spouse to complete education or job training, and 

Transitional alimony, which allows spouses to adjust to a different lifestyle or location. 

Nussbaum Family Law LLC can advise you on the different forms of alimony and advocate for the most advantageous application of the alimony laws depending on your circumstances.