Child Custody Attorney Norfolk County

mother and father holding sons hands while walking through a green gardenChild Custody

Massachusetts law on child custody is based on the standard of the “best interest of the child.” Nussbaum Family Law LLC can help you craft a parenting plan that works for your family and is in your children’s best interests, and when appropriate, will work with parenting and child specialist professionals who can help you reach an agreement, through out-of-court settlement-based representation, Collaborative Law, or Mediation/Mediation Support.

When agreement is not possible, Nussbaum Family Law LLC offers Probate and Family Court court representation/litigation in custody disputes. Attorney Beth Nussbaum has extensive experience in disputed custody issues, including matters such as disputed parenting plans, substance abuse, neglect, domestic violence and restraining orders, mental health issues, pathological family dynamics, special needs, and Removal from the Commonwealth.

Attorney Nussbaum is experienced in working with guardians ad litem, court-appointed professionals who investigate and make observations and recommendations to the court regarding custody and parenting plans to help determine what arrangement is in your children’s best interests. 

Attorney Nussbaum also has extensive experience dealing with the Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) and can help you navigate DCF investigations and allegations of child abuse and neglect within the context of your existing or contemplated Probate and Family Law Court matter.

Nussbaum Family Law, LLC helps clients in Norfolk County, and Sharon, MA with all of their family law needs.