mother reading to her son who is smiling Child Support

The amount of Child support depends on the amount of income earned by both parents, the parenting schedule, and considers each parent’s contribution towards paid health insurance premiums, child-care expenses, and pre-existing child support orders for children from prior marriages or relationships.  

The child support guidelines define what is “income” for purposes of child support, as well as a formula for calculating child support. Child support can deviate from the guidelines in situations where a child has special needs or where the payor parent has unusual circumstances. The income ceiling on Massachusetts child support guidelines was raised in 2021 to apply to high-income earning families. 

There is a presumption that child support is reduced by 25% when a child turns 18. Also regarding children over 18, the Probate and Family Court may also exercise discretion in the amount of child support paid to consider parents’ relative contributions to college costs.

Nussbaum Family Law LLC will advise you on child support and advocate for the most beneficial application of the child support guidelines to meet your and your children’s needs. 

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