court house Modification and Contempt

After divorce, your circumstances may evolve significantly over time as your children age, or if your employment, financial, or health situation changes. Examples can include a substantial change in income caused by losing a job, or when the best interest of a child requires a modified parenting plan. In such situations, it may be critical to modify provisions of your divorce judgment such as child custody or parenting time, child support, alimony/spousal support health insurance, life insurance, payment of college/post-secondary education costs, or taxes. Nussbaum Family Law LLC can mediate or represent you in a modification of your divorce judgment, in or out of court. When you and your former spouse are able to reach agreement, Nussbaum Family Law can help you file a Joint Petition for Modification. If you are unable to reach agreement, we can file a Complaint for Modification on your behalf.

Also after divorce, unfortunately sometimes a former spouse might fail to fulfill their obligations under the divorce judgment such as paying child support or alimony, paying for shared medical or extracurricular costs, paying for college, transferring funds owed under a division of assets, placing a home on the market, or maintaining life insurance or health insurance. When this happens, Nussbaum Family Law LLC can file a Complaint for Contempt on your behalf in the Probate and Family Court, and if the court finds your former spouse in contempt, can seek recovery of your attorney’s fees.

Nussbaum Family Law LLC provides mediation, mediation support, collaborative law services, and representation in court for issues involving modification or contempt.