two people in suits shaking hands in an office Mediation

Nussbaum Family Law LLC offers skilled mediation to resolve your family law issues at substantially lower cost than litigation. We provide guided, neutral negotiation to help you meet your needs and goals, and preserve a respectful working relationship with the other party. We will assist communication, encourage understanding and help focus you on your individual and common interests, as well as the best interests of your children.

Through mediation, we will work with you to explore options, make decisions and reach your own agreement in a confidential process. As an attorney-mediator, Beth M. Nussbaum can draft your Agreement and other necessary documents according to the applicable laws in Massachusetts and assist you so that you have all of the documents necessary to obtain divorce or other agreement.

  • Mediation helps you achieve your interests, needs, and goals. 
  • Mediation is cost-effective and costs substantially less than litigation.
  • Mediation can help preserve a respectful working relationship with the other party.  
  • Mediation helps you make all of the decisions and have control over the outcome.
  • Mediation assists communication, encourages understanding and helps you focus on your individual and common interests and resolve conflicts.
  • Through mediation, we will work with you to explore options, help you make decisions and reach your own agreement in a neutral, confidential process.

If you are mediating your divorce or modification elsewhere, you still need representation of counsel  because your mediator cannot give you legal advice or counsel. Only your own lawyer can help ensure that your agreement is complete, accurate, and meets your needs and best interests: 

  • As your mediation support counsel, Nussbaum Family Law LLC prepares you to enter mediation understanding your legal rights, the relevant legal standards, and what to expect from the mediation process.  
  • We will listen to your concerns and help you prioritize your goals and decisions, strategize, be your reality check, and offer feedback between mediation sessions.
  • We will help you consider your options to make informed decisions. 
  • We will review your draft agreement, explain the legal language, and make sure that no important terms are missing and that there are no inaccuracies. 
  • We will advise you whether your agreement is lawful, enforceable, fair and equitable, whether it satisfies your priorities and concerns, and whether it is in your and your children’s best interests.

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Nussbaum Family Law, LLC, located in Sharon, offers experienced family law mediation to residents in cities and towns such as Canton, Foxborough, Stoughton, and other Norfolk County areas, as well as Easton and Mansfield, among other Bristol County areas.