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Either because you or your former spouse/partner have received an unfavorable result at the trial level, you may need appellate representation to challenge or defend a decision of the trial court. Unlike many family law trial firms, Nussbaum Family Law LLC offers expert appellate representation in family law issues. With over 20 years of appellate practice and dozens of appearances before the Massachusetts Appeals Court, Attorney Beth M. Nussbaum can confidently navigate the complicated appellate process and provide persuasive appellate advocacy. 

As Appellate Counsel, Attorney Nussbaum will: 

  • assess the merits of appeal by reviewing the disputed decision, pleadings, and evidence presented to the trial court, and will advise you accordingly before you commit to the full appellate process;
  • negotiate settlement where appropriate;
  • research and interpret the prevailing case law;
  • draft clear and concise appellate briefs; and
  • offer prepared and compelling oral argument before the appeals court.  

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